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Compton Jay grew up in Compton and LA during the height of the cocaine epidemic of the 1980s. This experience, along with Reaganomics and the influence of his Korea War vet father, helped to shape Compton Jay's political outlook. Like many in the black community, Compton Jay's support for a Political Party was defaulted to the Democratic Party. Compton Jay never really felt the Democratic Party 100% represented him, instead he just felt, like many in the black community, the Democratic Party was the best a black person was going to get in the United States. Compton Jay was a political junkie and Liberal most of his adult life, falling for corporate-owned mainstream media propaganda. 

The two biggest events that was pivotal to Compton Jay's political awakening was, one, the 2016 campaign of candidate Bernie Sanders, and two, getting rid of his TV and cutting the cord to all corporate owned media. It was like opening his eyes for the first time, viewing

things without the filter of corporate propaganda, and coming up with his own opinions without the influence of cable news. Compton Jay now understands the Democratic and Republican parties are really one in the same, working together to give the appearance that they are on opposite sides, when in actuality they're controlled by the same oligarchy and ruling class. 


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